Patient Dental Care Survey

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From overall satisfaction with the dental care provided to the efficency of the experience, measure patient feedback with thiis simple tool.

While processes and practices are put into effect to ensure a high quality of care for all patients, it’s certainly true that every patient’s experience is unique. Dental care that may satisfy one patient may present issues for another, and it can be very difficult to understand a patient’s satisfaction level without asking.

The Patient Dental Care Survey template provides a simple and easy way to ask patients for their feedback on a recent visit to a dental office. Build a full picture of their experience by asking about loyalty, comfort, overall satisfaction, and more. Then, analyze results by age group, procedure performed, or any other demographic filters that matter to you. Both the big picture and the up-close looks can be helpful in deciding which improvements might be most beneficial.

Leave your dental patients with a happy and healthy smile, knowing that you’ve done your best to serve their health and satisfaction needs and to ensure they’ll be back to your practice.


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