Tenant Satisfaction Survey Template

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Satisfied residents stay longer, recommend you to others, and provide the foundation of a positive community environment. Use our tenant questionnaire to check in regularly to be sure you’re serving them well and they’ll return the favor.

Why Use a Tenant Survey?

In the US alone, there are well over 111 million renters as of this writing, according to the Rental Protection Agency. With over 22 million landlords and counting, there are bound to be some differences in perception about the quality of rental experiences. Every single tenant is different, and landlords who reach out for feedback regularly have a better chance of making the right moves to keep residents longer. That's why we've designed a customizable tenant questionnaire for you to use.

Along with a systematic plan that provides regular feedback at various touchpoints throughout a tenant’s customer journey, a regular Tenant Satisfaction Survey for all of your residents can be a valuable data collection opportunity. No matter the size of your community, it’s critical to identify any consistent concerns or trending changes before they lead to bigger issues. Plus, on the brighter side, tenants may have great suggestions for improvements and even programming that can benefit everyone.

Whether it’s a pool party, barbeque, or game night, find out what your residents might enjoy and make it happen. Simple issues like fixing broken machines in the laundry room can make a huge difference to your residents, but only by asking can you get the answers you need. Plenty of small things can happen throughout the course of the year, and it’s good to stay informed. Your residents build their opinions over time, based on these small observations and concerns. Make time each year to get the big picture so you can be sure to develop it into a big positive rather than a big issue.


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