Safe Schools Survey Template

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This Safe Schools Survey for Parents addresses their perceptions and attitudes toward school safety. Topics include school leadership, environment, bullying, student discipline, risky locations, and access to drugs or alcohol.

Nothing is more important to a parent than their child’s safety and security. While parents may not spend as much time in school as their students do, parent perceptions and attitudes can have a major impact. Parents who feel their children are unsafe will withdraw them from school and send them elsewhere — along with the per-student funding that goes with them. Parents see increasing options for school choice, and they will not tolerate unsafe conditions.

The National Council on Educational Statistics authored the Safe Schools Survey for Parents to get a handle on the attitudes and perceptions parents have about their students’ safety. While big problems like natural disasters, terrorism, major violent incidents, or suicide may already be known issues for school staff, parents may have more insight on the more subtle and insidious issues that students are dealing with.

Drugs, weapons, bullying, gangs, and more can be invisible to teachers and staff, but parents often hear the full picture directly from their children. Whether these issues affect their own kids, other students, staff members, or school property, it’s critical to keep an open channel of communication with parents so they can help pass along this important information.

Parent-teacher organizations and other school safety groups can be key partners in continuing this conversation, but regularly reaching out to all parents can ensure you’re connecting with as many parents as possible. Partner with parents to ensure you’re working together to keep students safe and secure. A positive learning environment is impossible without safety, and keeping your students enrolled requires complete commitment and concerted effort.


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