Exceeding client expectations with a customized survey and analytics solution 

Easily organize client feedback and deliver tailored insights for clients across industries. 
Intuitive navigation empowers the team to make the most of Sogolytics, every time. 
Top-tier data security and anonymity provide assurance that participant data is safe. 
The tools in Sogolytics can do anything we need them to yet remain simple and easy to use.
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Latin America
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Online Survey Tool

The Story

The challenge

TIMEOUT needed a solution that could be tailored to meet the needs of their diverse range of clients. 

As a successful human capital consultancy catering to the needs of Fortune 500 companies across Latin America, TIMEOUT needed a survey solution that would empower them to do more, better.

Their first plan was to create a completely customizable survey solution that could be tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring that they captured the insights they needed to exceed expectations every time.

Initially, the TIMEOUT team planned to build a complete research and analysis tool from scratch, but soon realized soon that this process was too time- and resource-intensive. Despite the benefits of a custom solution, they realized that getting it just right was a lot more complicated than initially assumed.

Finally, the team decided to keep it simple. They concluded that their best move would be to find an off-the-shelf solution that would help to address their needs and allow them to focus on their area of expertise: serving their clients.

Scouring the market for a comprehensive and intuitive solution was no easy task.

The TIMEOUT team was looking for a survey solution that was completely customizable, offered powerful analytics and reporting, and had a quick learning curve to make sure their team could all make the most of it.

... looking for a survey solution that was completely customizable, offered powerful analytics... and a quick learning curve... ”
The solution

After a rigorous search, TIMEOUT chose Sogolytics. The Sogo platform met their needs: a platform that instilled trust in their clients, that allowed their clients to share the data they needed with ease, and that offered customizable analytics. Sogolytics hit the mark with top-tier security standards that are regularly updated and maintained, along with its vast array of features.

Immediately, the consultants at TIMEOUT were able to create branded and engaging surveys that delivered on the needs and expectations of their clients. The platform’s intuitive design and ample features offered more benefits than they had anticipated, making it easy for the team to tackle client new challenges with ease.

Since every client scenario required a different approach and solution, the team’s exploration of the Sogo platform was thorough. Still, the flexibility they found made Sogolytics their go-to solution to make the most of the data they gathered.

In addition to the custom surveys and powerful analytics, Sogolytics also empowered the team to create tailored reports.

This was a gamechanger, allowing the team to deliver nuanced insights in a dynamic and visual manner that helped them better communicate with their clients and not only deliver on, but exceed expectations. 

The result

Once they had a strong understanding of the capabilities of the Sogolytics platform, the TIMEOUT team set to work organizing tasks, surveys, and data. The ability to organize folders and contacts, to create branded design templates, and other organizational tools helped to improve the team’s efficiency, especially as consultants dealing with a range of different clients.

With the structure in place, the consultants immediately set to work on creating custom branded surveys for their clients. This led to a goldmine of data that was easily transformed into actionable insights with the help of Sogolytics’ powerful analytics.

Collaborating within the Sogolytics platform, TIMEOUT consultants were able to analyze and present the data in easily digestible reports along with their own customized recommendations to clients.

TIMEOUT has seen significant benefits from its partnership with Sogolytics. The confidence of having a survey platform that’s powerful enough to deliver insightful analytics but flexible enough to serve the needs of a variety of clients has transformed the way they work. Now the team is able to focus on showcasing their value to clients, knowing Sogolytics has their backs.

The ability to maintain anonymity gives our clients confidence to trust us with sensitive information.

TIMEOUT is a Colombia-based human capital consultancy that works with Fortune 500 companies across Latin America. Their goal is to connect people with strategy, allowing organizations to innovate and build more effective teams that unlock employee potential.

TIMEOUT aims to deliver simple yet effective processes that facilitate the growth of people and organizations by creating stronger, happier teams that contribute to the success of the business in the short and long run.

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