Scale up your service delivery with advanced automation

Easy-to-use workflows help surpass customer expectations, reducing churn, improving loyalty, and creating opportunities.

Spot experience gaps and respond effectively

Create positive experiences at every touchpoint, so your users remain loyal to your brand and recommend it to others.

of leaders prioritize customer experience, yet only 26% believe that their customer-facing team hand-offs appear seamless to their customers.1
of organizations lack effective intra-department communication when aligning on CX feedback, limiting the success of CX data utilization.2
of service and support leaders cite self-service adoption as a priority, but adoption challenges range from organizational resistance to data disorganization. 3


Deliver seamless customer interactions across all of your customer service operations.

Build a Churn-Proof Model

Remove service blindspots

Address the challenges of servicing your customers across multiple touchpoints, with every department gaining a single view of the customer. Our platform helps you stay organized, responsive and effective, 

Track MRR And Other Renewal Metrics

Live and fully customizable reporting clarifies how onboarding, customer support, and product utilization impact key revenue metrics. 

Flow Feedback To Internal Teams

AI-based routing, triggers, and automated flows ensure your customers receive a streamlined experience from the right team members.

Provide The Support Your Clients Need

Responsive, knowledgeable resources are better enabled to fill in any gaps in usability and feature stickiness.

Arm Your Sales Team

Ensure that early churn signals from operations feed to customer support and sales teams to improve renewal rates.

Secure Access To Smart Data

Easily provide your customer teams with the data they need, knowing that it’s backed by a robust security framework.

Award-Winning Support For You

Need quick answers or advice? Just ask! Make the most of our platform and your data with help from our awesome support team.


Leverage client feedback and service requests to identify new opportunities and reduce churn.
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TCESC + Sogolytics

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center is responsible for providing thousands of teachers across dozens of school districts with essential training. They needed a way to boost responses and build in responsiveness into their processes.

Adopting Sogolytics has enabled TCESC to create a more efficient feedback loop to collect real-time data and send it to staff, who then implement immediate process changes and improvements. They no longer rely on a bundled together solution of Google forms, spreadsheets, and anecdotes.

Ramp up quickly with practical templates from experts

Need answers? Stop relying on random web forms and complex spreadsheets to identify service gaps from all of your touchpoints! We offer a range of options – including these survey templates – to get you started.

We’re here to help. Select the template you need and modify to your heart’s content.

Product Feedback Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
Customer Feedback Form
Customer Feedback Form
Website Feedback Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
See the Sogolytics difference

Our experience management solutions offer a single solution for all your customer operations – and we work within your current tech stack. 

Delivering outstanding customer experiences takes a deep understanding of customer needs, but that’s just part of the picture.

SogoCX helps you track key moments in the customer journey, but who powers that journey? The knowledge, skills, and engagement of your own team members have a huge impact on your customers, and SogoEX can enable you to track and improve employee experience, too!

Transform experiences and power your growth with Sogolytics!

Better Alerts, Routing and Automation: Save Hours every day


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