360-Degree Customer Visibility 

Comprehensive analytics from  multiple feedback sources 

Reduce risk to revenue by analyzing across all customer touchpoints.  

Bring together CX data for a complete view

Prioritize and make necessary improvements to enhance the overall customer experience for increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase Responsiveness
of customers want an organization to reach out and engage with proactive customer notifications. 1
Compete Better
of organizations cite CX as a competitive differentiator. Benefits associated with improved CX include increased customer loyalty, uplift in revenue and cost savings. 2
Grow Loyalty
of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services but say experiences should be based on all the data companies collect. 3


You drive the business, we’ll support you with better feedback collection and analytics. 

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Spend less time collecting and more time growing

It isn’t enough to just collect feedback. Your clients expect you to understand them no matter when or how they interact with you - and that’s exactly where we support you! 

Collect Omnichannel Feedback

Launch feedback collection with surveys and web forms to monitor the customer journey and understand how customer-facing activities lead toward or away from renewals.

Leverage Reporting and Dashboards 

User-friendly reporting will save hours on highlighting areas of concern and success across the organization to create powerful customer experience strategy.

Manage Client Expectations at Scale 

Enable customer-facing teams with the outreach, communication, and analytical tools to easily track client success so they can take immediate action when needed.

Support for Your Support Team 

Sure, you’ve got a great support team, but so do we! At any point of your use of our platform, we are ready to help. Reach out for how-to tips, project design advice, and best practices.

Quick Integrations with Other Software 

Our platform is designed to interact with many other software solutions so you can create a streamlined experience and keep the insights incoming and the follow-up flowing.

Include Employee Experience Data 

We can help identify and eliminate internal friction with candid, anonymized employee feedback to increase productivity.


Bring all your client touchpoints together to enable your organization to learn, adapt and grow. 
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TCFCR + Sogolytics 

As customer experience experts, the team at The Center for Client Retention needed a powerful and flexible solution to meet their clients’ needs – and they were looking for outstanding customer support, too!

In Sogolytics, they found partners dedicated to their success. The versatility of the platform and the support of the team enabled TCFCR to quickly launch the right projects and uncover meaningful results – leading to wins for both TCFCR and their growing list of clients!

Accelerate time-to-results with our expert survey templates

Get ready for your team to fall in love with the Sogolytics approach to customer experience! Built with contributions from expert market research professionals, our range of ready-to-use survey templates makes it easy to get started on your next project today.

Search our complete template library, pick the template you need, and customize as needed.

Product Feedback Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Website Feedback Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
Company Culture Survey Template
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with additional Sogolytics experience management solutions.

Ironically, many technology companies face issues with data silos. Teams that work across multiple tools sometimes fail to see the full picture, causing gaps in understanding that can have a major impact on customer experience.

SogoCX, our complete customer experience solution, makes it easier to bring the data you need together. Simplify reporting, improve understanding, and boost CX with SogoCX!

Better Visibility: Leverage Customer Feedback


Can Sogolytics help correlate multiple factors that drive customer satisfaction?

Can I customize the reports for different users across my organization?

What more other than customer experience can Sogolytics do for me?


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