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Measuring customer satisfaction is critical if you want to boost engagement and loyalty, and the right customer satisfaction survey can make all the difference!

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Our customer satisfaction survey tool helps create engaging surveys that deliver meaningful insights.
  • Create AI-assisted surveys in minutes
  • Hundreds of ready-to-use survey templates
  • 50+ question types
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Complete control of branding
  • Advanced skip logic and branching
  • Customizable post-submission outcomes

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Engage at just the right moment with an omnichannel approach to customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Send customized email and SMS invitations
  • Publish through QR codes or shareable links
  • Embed in your website or apps
  • Fully customizable pre-defined email templates
  • Intelligent, automated reminders for non-participants
  • Track and analyze survey participation
  • Prevent spam and repeat participation

The best customer satisfaction survey reports

Measuring customer satisfaction in real time enables instant learning and follow-up. Expect more from your client satisfaction surveys!
  • Get insights in just one click
  • Filter, segment, and compare responses
  • Customize data visualization
  • Share real-time report links
  • Download presentation-ready PPTs
  • Export data in Excel, Word, SPSS, and more
  • Import responses from other platforms
Expertly designed templates to get you started

The first step to getting the essential answers is asking the right questions.

Explore our range of survey templates to get started. Add in or modify questions to make it all about your organization, and share it with your employees to get started!

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Feedback Form
Customer Feedback Form
Net Promoter Score Survey
Net Promoter Score Survey
Customer Retention Survey
Customer Retention Survey
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a customer satisfaction survey template I can start with?


Absolutely! This Simple Customer Satisfaction Survey template is a quick way to get started, and we also have plenty more of the best customer satisfaction survey templates in our fully loaded template bank! For example, you might dive in a little deeper with this Customer Satisfaction Survey form template instead! Keep in mind: While some customer satisfaction survey companies limit your ability to create customer satisfaction surveys and modify them as desired, the best customer satisfaction tools offer plenty of flexibility to build the consumer satisfaction survey that works for you, your consumers, and your stakeholders!


What's the ROI on customer satisfaction tools?


Consider this: If your customers aren’t satisfied, they’ll leave. Customer satisfaction survey companies can help you to uncover friction points that lead to customer churn as well as opportunities to improve your offering and attract new customers. For example, user satisfaction surveys can help software companies to identify new features customers are looking for so that they can build better, keeping customers happy. Overall, customer satisfaction drives retention and loyalty, which ultimately lead to higher CLV (customer lifetime value) and revenue growth. Customer satisfaction survey companies have a clear case to make: Too often, the cost of inaction is much greater than the price of a customer satisfaction survey tool.


What's a good customer satisfaction score?


While there’s no magic number, there are a few points to keep in mind when you set out to improve customer satisfaction. First, you need to know where you’re starting from. The first consumer satisfaction survey you send out will help you to establish your baseline. From there, the sky’s the limit! No matter how you choose to calculate it, you want to continue to see that customer satisfaction score increase. Some customer satisfaction survey companies will judge your scores against industry standards that may or may not be appropriate, but benchmarking against your past scores is one of the best measures to start with. Beyond simple customer satisfaction survey metrics, consider measuring customer satisfaction in correlation with your revenue, too. Some metrics may seem a bit abstract, but money talks!


What’s the difference between a CSAT survey, a VoC survey, and a CSI survey?


From the acronym perspective, these are, respectively, a customer satisfaction survey, a voice of the customer survey, and a customer satisfaction index survey. From a general perspective, all of these survey types measure customer perception about your brand. A CSAT survey may be pared down to a very simple customer satisfaction survey format, even as minimal as a single customer satisfaction question. A VoC survey often takes a slightly more holistic approach, incorporating more open-ended questions in a customer satisfaction survey design that reflects active listening to customer voice. Finally, a CSI survey includes more than just a single question customer satisfaction survey form. CSI surveys utilize questions from a variety of different dimensions of customer experience, weighting values of each as desired to bring results together into an overall customer satisfaction score.

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