Deploy Multilingual Surveys

Sogolytics lets you easily conduct multilingual surveys to ensure you're connecting with your entire audience. When you create a multilingual survey, you simply select all the languages you want to offer and Sogolytics does the survey translation for you. Plus, it's easy to share a single link for everyone, allowing participants to select their preferred language right at the start of the survey. When it's time to report, all of your data is ready and waiting in the same survey.

  • Translate survey into multiple languages
  • Send invitations in preferred language
  • Participants select language with one click
  • Collect and analyze results just once

With marketplaces expanding around the globe, there is an increasing need to collect feedback from speakers of many languages. To get the most accurate results, you need to create a survey that can speak to every target audience. Multilingual surveys can help you reach and research a broad, global network of customers, employees, vendors, partners, and prospects.

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