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Your employees form the backbone of your company, so it’s important to give back to them and show that you care. With Sogolytics’ employee engagement survey tools, you can easily benchmark current satisfaction levels and put yourself on the road to earning the title of Best Employer Ever.

Why is employee satisfaction important?
Because employees are the driving force behind every business, leveraging employee satisfaction tools leads to many positive business outcomes, including customer satisfaction, higher employee retention rates, and more.
The way we see it, making employee satisfaction a priority is a win-win. Your employees get a better experience, and your company benefits from happier customers and lower turnover rates, which ultimately results in more revenue and profits.
With employee satisfaction being an afterthought for many companies, businesses that do pay attention to this area are effectively giving themselves a competitive edge and improving their likelihood of success. Don’t miss out on your chance to truly make a difference by investing in employee satisfaction tools.
How does employee satisfaction impact a company’s revenue?
Don’t make the mistake of looking at employee satisfaction as a cost driver, and being penny-wise, pound-foolish. In actual fact, increasing employee satisfaction levels contributes positively to your bottom line. Here are several employee satisfaction reports that prove our point:
First, a study published in the Academy of Management Perspectives shows that companies that invest in employee satisfaction yield higher returns than their competitors by as much as 3.8% annually.
On top of that, a study in the Journal of Corporate Finance found that for each 1-star increase in a company’s overall rating on Glassdoor, the company experiences a 7.9% jump in market value.
Finally, a study in the Economics Letters journal shows that companies with high employee satisfaction ratings on Glassdoor outperform the overall stock market, earning 1.35% extra returns above the market.

Key factors affecting employee satisfaction

After surveying 200,000 employees on their global mobility and employment preferences, The Boston Group published a Decoding Global Talent report that highlights the most important factors contributing to employee satisfaction.

Here are some tips and best practices that you can use to improve employee satisfaction in each factor:

Appreciation for work

Commend your employees when they perform well. To do this formally, praise an employee in front of their colleagues during one of your weekly meetings. If you’d like to do this informally, simply give them a pat on the back for a job well done.

Good work-life balance

Don’t overwork your employees! Equip your employees with the right tools and resources so that they can become more efficient and use employee pulse survey tools like Sogolytics to regularly check in and collect candid feedback.

Job security

Keep employees updated about any major changes in the company, especially when it comes to restructures, mergers and acquisitions. Encourage open communication between managers and subordinates, so that employees are clear about their job prospects and where they stand in the company.

Interesting job content

Invest in efficient tools and software so that your employees can automate tedious, repetitive tasks, and spend their time on more interesting projects that value-add to the company. Encourage employees to suggest new initiatives and improve upon the products, services, or processes in the company.

Company's financial stability

Be open and honest about the company’s financial situation. Strive for transparency, and always keep your employees in the loop.

Good relationships with colleagues

When hiring, look for people who are team players, and are likely to get along well with your other employees. Build a company culture that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration instead of competition and rivalry, and allocate a small budget to team events and outings if possible.

Good relationships with superiors

Encourage managers to have an open-door policy, and promote open communication across the entire company. Implement a 360-degree feedback system, so that managers and supervisors get feedback from their subordinates.

Learning and career development.

Implement a robust training program so that new hires are equipped with all the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs well. Allow employees to upgrade their skills by sending them on relevant courses and workshops, and encourage managers to groom their subordinates and build a talent pipeline.

Company values

Ensure that the company’s values can hold up to scrutiny. Do not put employees in a difficult situation by asking them to do anything that would compromise their integrity.

Attractive fixed salary

Pay according to the market rate (or more if you can afford it), and make sure that the benefits that you offer appeal to your employees as well. Perks such as being able to work from home go a long way.

Improving employee satisfaction: Your quick-start action plan

Want to improve employee satisfaction, and reap the myriad of benefits that come alongside happier employees? Follow our 3-step action plan to get started.

Step 1
Measure the existing employee satisfaction levels.
The quickest and easiest way to measure your current satisfaction levels is to send out a company-wide survey. Once you know where you’re standing, you can move on to coming up with specific strategies to improve employee satisfaction.
Step 2
Implement new strategies, guidelines, and systems to boost employee satisfaction.
While we’ve shared many tips and tactics in our Key Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction section, not all of these are easy to implement.
For a quick lift in employee morale, focus on strategies that have an almost immediate impact, such as encouraging managers to recognize and praise their employees, and putting into place an open door policy.
At the same time, start working on longer-term strategies such as implementing a 360-degree feedback system, and coming up with a training program for employees. These might take a little longer to set up, but they’ll have a significant impact on employee satisfaction in the long run.
Step 3
Get feedback and measure employee satisfaction levels.
The final step is to refine and improve upon the new programs and strategies you’ve implemented. Doing this is simple - request feedback on new initiatives, and send out another employee satisfaction survey to measure employee satisfaction levels after you’ve implemented the changes. Then, tweak your program based on the feedback you’ve gotten, and rinse and repeat.

Using Sogolytics to measure employee satisfaction

Trying to craft the perfect employee satisfaction survey? You can rely on Sogolytics to do all the heavy lifting. With Sogolytics, you get a wide array of employee satisfaction survey templates that will allow you to measure satisfaction in any area you need.

Our surveys are field-tested and designed by experts, and companies from across the globe rely on these surveys to generate employee insights and fine-tune their employee engagement strategy. Give Sogolytics a try, and see the magic for yourself!

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Sogolytics’s best-in-class employee satisfaction survey tool.

Sogolytics is one of the most robust, versatile employee engagement survey tools available, providing you with the best of both worlds. While the tool comes with all the advanced functionality you could want, it’s also remarkably intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to build your first employee satisfaction survey in a matter of minutes.

Here are some features that make it easy for you to craft compelling, powerful employee satisfaction surveys with Sogolytics:

Complete Anonymity

Anonymous surveys encourage honest answers, as well as higher participation and response rates.

Pre-populate Data

Shorten surveys by adding known demographics. This lessens survey fatigue, and allows your participants to focus on the right questions.

Instant Alerts

Send automatic thank-you notes to participants, or trigger real-time notifications for quick follow-up where it's needed. This is especially helpful in following up with concerns expressed through employee pulse survey tools.

Beautiful Pre-built Templates

Take your pick from Sogolytics’s HR survey templates or choose from survey templates across all categories. With these professionally designed templates, you can get your engagement and employee satisfaction surveys up and running in no time.

Intelligent Analysis

Out-of-the-box reports measure the level of employee engagement and drill down on specifics. You can filter data by department, tenure, or even job title, enabling you to identify patterns and generate insights.


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